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Stockholm Parkering's Operations

Stockholm Parkering is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stockholm Stadshus AB, owned by the municipal of Stockholm.

Our aim is to provide strategically located and attractive parking facilities in Stockholm to residents and visitors alike. Reducing the volume of circulating traffic on the streets helps to improve the city environment. We build, own, maintain and operate some 71 0​00 parking spaces situated in underground garages, parking decks and parking lots conveniently located throughout the city of Stockholm. 

We are constantly working to develop new and innovative parking solutions.

We invite you to park in our facilities, whether you need parking for a couple of hours or for a longer period.

Parking lots near the The Royal Castle in Old Town, Stockholm   

Information about parking regulations, where to park, etc.

To find the public parking facilities in Stockholm

1) Click on the menu here on our web site:"P-platser" and then on “Besöksparkeringar" (Public parking spaces) 

2) Then select the “Område” (Area). A list with all our visitor parking spaces, in this particular area, is shown on the list. 

You can also find all of our public parking garages, decks, lots and park-and- ride facilities in this brochure! (pdf-file). Revised December 2015, subject to change. 

Park-and Ride facilities

Stockholm Parkering has 22 park-and-ride facilities strategically placed around Stockholm outside of the congestion fee toll area. These facilities are easy to find and rather inexpensive to use – the parking fee for the whole day is usually only 20SEK. You can find all the information you need about our park-and ride facilities by clicking here​. Then, click on the name of any park-and-ride facility to bring up a map showing its location.  

The * symbol indicates that you must arrive at the facility between the hours of 5:00am and 9:00am in order to park at this low rate.  

Low rates - Evening Parking and Night Parking

​​Stockholm Parkering offers evening parking at special rates. You may park in one of our garages for the entire evening for only 50 SEK. Evening parking rates apply between the hours of 6:00pm and 12:00am. In the Concert Hall (Konserthus) garage and the Gallerian garage in the city center, evening parking rates apply until 1:00am. Click here to find the location of all the garages that offer special evening parking rates. Click on the name of the garage to see on a map where the garage is located. 

Shall you stay over the night? Pay 50 SEK more and you can park the whole night, too. The Night Parking rates apply between the hours 12:00 am and 08.00 am.

What is the difference between parking on the street and off-street parking? 

All of our parking spaces are situated in off-street facilities. Simply put, off-street parking lots are everything other than parking on the street. 

In off-street facilities, such as within residential areas, it is the landowner that sets the parking regulations. In order to differentiate off-street parking from street parking the landowner is obligated to post a sign at the entrance of the parking facility which clearly indicates the name and telephone number of the parking operator. If such a sign is posted you are parking in an off-street facility. 

Street parking is operated and controlled by the Stockholm City Traffic Office

Pay the proper fee in the parking machine

Most parking machines accept credit cards. Very few accept coins. 

Please do not press the “boende” button on the machine. This is for residential parking only. Residential parking requires a special permit, without one you may be cited for a parking violation and have to pay a fine.  

Please note that all parking fines must be paid even if you do not live in Sweden. Otherwise they will be forwarded to your home address and a late fee will be added if they are not paid within the stated time. 

How to register your interest in leasing a parking space

You can register your interest in leasing a parking space in one of our facilities on our website. Just follow these instructions: 

- Click on the menu "P-platser" and then on “P-platser att hyra” (Parking spaces to lease).  

-Then select the "Område" (Area). 

This symbol will appear at a number of facilities:

When you click on it you will be linked to a page with an application form. Click here for the English translation of the Swedish application form (pdf-file).  ​

Fill in the (Swedish) form and send it to us. Shortly an e-mail message will be sent to you.

If there is a parking space available…

Your application will be processed by our customer service department within 7 working days. You will be contacted by the e-mail address you gave us.

If there are no parking spaces available… 

You will be placed on a waiting list for the chosen facility. When a space becomes available customer service will contact you by the e-mail address you gave us. 


Please, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you with further information.


Visiting adress:


Palmfeltsvägen 5, Johanneshov

Postal adress

Box 4678

SE- 116 91 Stockholm

Phone: +46 (0)8 772 96 00

Fax: +46 (0)8 714 88 85



Useful links

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Internetbank payment


In the case that foreign remittances are required, the European interbank system may request certain codes for the transfer of money. The following codes and information are applicable for remitting funds to 

Stockholm Parkering:


IBAN CODE: SE38 9500 0099 6026 0484 7125 




SE 100 28 Stockholm, Sweden

Important! When you pay a fine from abroad, please write on the payment order the OCR-number and the cars registration number. The OCR-number is on the second line on the fine, like this: 


Ärende nr /OCR-nr:      xxxxxxxxxx"

The OCR-number is important. It helps us to  know if a fine has been paid or not. 


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