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Interbank Payments
In the case that foreign remittances are required, the European interbank system may request certain codes for the transfer of money. The following codes and information are applicable for remitting funds to Stockholm Parkering:

IBAN CODE: SE38 9500 0099 6026 0484 7125

P.O. Box 49083,
SE 100 28 Stockholm, Sweden

Map of public parking facilities in Stockholm
You can find all of our public parking garages, decks, lots and park-and- ride facilities in this brochure!
(pdf-file) Revised April 2013, subject to change.

Park-and Rides
Stockholm Parkering has
21 park-and-ride facilities strategically placed around Stockholm outside of the congestion fee toll area. These facilities are easy to find and rather inexpensive to use – the parking fee for the whole day is usually only 20SEK. You can find all the information you need about our park-and-ride facilities by clicking here. Then, click on the name of any park-and-ride facility to bring up a map showing its location. The * symbol indicates that you must arrive at the facility between the hours of 5:00am and 9:00am in order to park at this low rate.

Foreign-registered vehicles are exempted from paying congestion fees.

Evening Parking
Stockholm Parkering offers evening parking at special rates. You may park in one of our garages for the entire evening for only 40SEK. Evening parking rates apply between the hours of 6:00pm and 12:00am. In the Concert Hall (Konserthus) garage and the Gallerian garage in the city center evening parking rates apply until 1:00am.! Click
here to find the location of all the garages that offer special evening parking rates. Click on the name of the garage to see a map of where it is located.

Click here to read about the regulations that apply to off-street parking (pdf-file).

What is the difference between parking on the street and off-street parking?

All of our parking spaces are situated in off-street facilities. Simply put off-street parking lots are everything other than parking on the street. In off-street facilities, such as within residential areas, it is the landowner that sets the parking regulations. In order to differentiate off-street parking from street parking the landowner is obligated to post a sign at the entrance of the parking facility which clearly indicates the name and telephone number of the parking operator. If such a sign is posted you are parking in an off-street facility. Street parking is operated and controlled by the Stockholm City Traffic Office.

Pay the proper fee in the parking machine for the time you want to park
Most parking machines accept both coins and credit cards. In many of our facilities you pay on departure, that is before you leave. This allows you to pay only for the actual time you have parked. If you park in such a facility follow these easy steps;

- park in any available parking space
-swipe your credit card in the parking machine - you will receive an information ticket 
-place the ticket in a position clearly visible through the windscreen
-before leaving swipe the same credit card in the parking machine again
you will receive a receipt for the parking fee charged to your credit card.

Please do not press the “boende” button on the machine. This is for residential parking only. Residential parking requires a special permit, without one you may be cited for a parking violation and have to pay a fine.

Please note that all parking fines must be paid even if you do not live in Sweden. Otherwise they will be forwarded to your home address and a late fee will be added if they are not paid within the stated time.

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