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Public parking facilities in Stockholm

Find our public parking facilities in Stockholm

Translation of the text in the blue box:

Besöksparkeringar = Public parking spaces

Område = Area, district

Nära till = Close to, nearby

Sök på en anläggning eller address: = Search for a parking facility or an address:

What information do I get using the blue box? 

When you select an area or a place at nearby, a list with all our public parking facilities in that particular area will appear. For every parking lot on the list we show address, number of spaces, the lowest fee you must pay, the time when you must pay a fee, openings hours, and the parking fees. Below the information there is a blue box “Kartbild”. When you click on it a map view for the parking lot is shown.


When you search for a specific parking lot or an address at “Sök på en anläggning eller address”  the program will suggest for parking lots on the second letter. If nothing happens it means that we have no parking facility with that name or at that address. If the parking garage starts with the name "P-hus”, like in “P-hus Gallerian”, please, don’t write “P-hus” in the search box, write just “Gallerian”.


All the fees include VAT, value added tax.

Sök på en anläggning eller en adress:

 ​​ Very welcome to park in our facilities!​


Park in the evenings for a low price in 23 of our parking garages in the center area of Stockholm. For 50 SEK park a whole evening between the hours 18.00-24.00.



All our public parking facilities in a map view. 

About low price "evening parking"

About Park and Rides​​

About low price "event parking" in the Globen area

Parking lots nearby ferry terminals in Stockholm


Var har jag parkerat?
Ange det fyrsiffriga automatnummer som står på din biljett (BA.XXXX)

​​​​​​​​Where have you parked? 


On the parking ticket there is always the letters BA followed by four digits. Write the four digits in the search box here above and the name of the facility and the address will pop up.


What is the difference between "on street parking" and "off-street parking"? 


All of our parking spaces are situated in off-street facilities. Simply put, off-street parking lots are everything other than parking on the street. 


In off-street facilities, such as within residential areas, it is the landowner that sets the parking regulations. In order to differentiate off-street parking from street parking the landowner is obligated to post a sign at the entrance of the parking facility which clearly indicates the name and telephone number of the parking operator. If such a sign is posted you are parking in an off-street facility. 



Street parking is operated and controlled by the Stockholm City Traffic Office


Pay the proper fee in the parking machine


All parking machines accept credit cards. Very few accept coins. 


Please do not press the “boende” button on the machine. This is for residential parking only. Residential parking requires a special permit, without one you may be cited for a parking violation and have to pay a fine.  



Please note that all parking fines must be paid even if you do not live in Sweden. Otherwise they will be forwarded to your home address and a late fee will be added if they are not paid within the stated time. ​